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GNOME(1)		    General Commands Manual		      GNOME(1)

       GNOME Default session configuration file.

       The  /usr/share/gnome/default.session  file contains a list of programs
       to be launched the first time a user logs into the GNOME environment.

       The format of the file is the one used by the  gnome_config  libraries,
       and it looks like this:


       There are three possible names for Section And they are:


	      This specifies the Default session to load


	      Lets  the user configure which non-session aware programs should
	      be started up when the session begins


       Since the gnome_config file format is not very flexible,	 an  array  of
       data  is	 emulated  by  listing	starting  from	0 chunks of "id,Prior-
       ity,RestartCommand", and at the end the num_clients variable lists  the
       number of chunks listed.

       The  uniqueid  key  provides a name that is unique within this file and
       passed to the app as the client id which it must use to	register  with

       The RestartCommand specifies the command to run from the $PATH.

       The  Priority  determines  the  order in which the commands are started
       (with Priority = 0 first) and defaults to 50.

       The clients must be numbered from 0 to the value of num_clients-1

				   GNOME 1.0			      GNOME(1)