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EXECUTE()			 SQL Commands			     EXECUTE()

       EXECUTE - execute a prepared statement

       EXECUTE plan_name [ (parameter [, ...] ) ]

       EXECUTE	is used to execute a previously prepared statement. Since pre-
       pared statements only exist for the duration of a session, the prepared
       statement  must	have been created by a PREPARE statement executed ear-
       lier in the current session.

       If the PREPARE statement that  created  the  statement  specified  some
       parameters,  a  compatible set of parameters must be passed to the EXE-
       CUTE statement, or else an error is raised.  Note  that	(unlike	 func-
       tions) prepared statements are not overloaded based on the type or num-
       ber of their parameters; the name  of  a	 prepared  statement  must  be
       unique within a database session.

       For  more information on the creation and usage of prepared statements,
       see PREPARE [prepare(7)].

	      The name of the prepared statement to execute.

	      The actual value of a parameter to the prepared statement.  This
	      must be an expression yielding a value of a type compatible with
	      the data type specified for this parameter position in the  PRE-
	      PARE command that created the prepared statement.

       The  command tag returned by EXECUTE is that of the prepared statement,
       and not EXECUTE.

       Examples are given in the Examples [prepare(7)] section of the  PREPARE
       [prepare(l)] documentation.

       The  SQL standard includes an EXECUTE statement, but it is only for use
       in embedded SQL. This version of the  EXECUTE  statement	 also  uses  a
       somewhat different syntax.

       DEALLOCATE [deallocate(7)], PREPARE [prepare(l)]

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