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FDFORMAT(8)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		   FDFORMAT(8)

       fdformat - Low-level formats a floppy disk

       fdformat [ -n ] device

       fdformat	 does  a low level format on a floppy disk.  device is usually
       one of the following (for floppy devices, the major = 2, and the	 minor
       is shown for informational purposes only):

	      /dev/fd0d360  (minor = 4)
	      /dev/fd0h1200 (minor = 8)
	      /dev/fd0D360  (minor = 12)
	      /dev/fd0H360  (minor = 12)
	      /dev/fd0D720  (minor = 16)
	      /dev/fd0H720  (minor = 16)
	      /dev/fd0h360  (minor = 20)
	      /dev/fd0h720  (minor = 24)
	      /dev/fd0H1440 (minor = 28)

	      /dev/fd1d360  (minor = 5)
	      /dev/fd1h1200 (minor = 9)
	      /dev/fd1D360  (minor = 13)
	      /dev/fd1H360  (minor = 13)
	      /dev/fd1D720  (minor = 17)
	      /dev/fd1H720  (minor = 17)
	      /dev/fd1h360  (minor = 21)
	      /dev/fd1h720  (minor = 25)
	      /dev/fd1H1440 (minor = 29)

       The  generic  floppy  devices, /dev/fd0 and /dev/fd1, will fail to work
       with fdformat when a non-standard format is being used, or if the  for-
       mat  has	 not been autodetected earlier.	 In this case, use setfdprm(8)
       to load the disk parameters.

       For ATAPI IDE floppy driver (also known as LS-120 drives or "Superdisk"
       drives) you have to use the floppy(8).

       -n     No  verify.   This  option will disable the verification that is
	      performed after the format.

       fd(4), setfdprm(8), mkfs(8), emkfs(8), floppy(8)

       Werner Almesberger (almesber@nessie.cs.id.ethz.ch)

Linux 0.99			1 February 1993			   FDFORMAT(8)
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