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       git-request-pull - Generates a summary of pending changes

       git request-pull [-p] <start> <URL> [<end>]

       Generate a request asking your upstream project to pull changes into
       their tree. The request, printed to the standard output, begins with
       the branch description, summarizes the changes and indicates from where
       they can be pulled.

       The upstream project is expected to have the commit named by <start>
       and the output asks it to integrate the changes you made since that
       commit, up to the commit named by <end>, by visiting the repository
       named by <URL>.

	   Include patch text in the output.

	   Commit to start at. This names a commit that is already in the
	   upstream history.

	   The repository URL to be pulled from.

	   Commit to end at (defaults to HEAD). This names the commit at the
	   tip of the history you are asking to be pulled.

	   When the repository named by <URL> has the commit at a tip of a ref
	   that is different from the ref you have locally, you can use the
	   <local>:<remote> syntax, to have its local name, a colon :, and its
	   remote name.

       Imagine that you built your work on your master branch on top of the
       v1.0 release, and want it to be integrated to the project. First you
       push that change to your public repository for others to see:

	   git push https://git.ko.xz/project master

       Then, you run this command:

	   git request-pull v1.0 https://git.ko.xz/project master

       which will produce a request to the upstream, summarizing the changes
       between the v1.0 release and your master, to pull it from your public

       If you pushed your change to a branch whose name is different from the
       one you have locally, e.g.

	   git push https://git.ko.xz/project master:for-linus

       then you can ask that to be pulled with

	   git request-pull v1.0 https://git.ko.xz/project master:for-linus

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.38.4			  05/16/2024		   GIT-REQUEST-PULL(1)