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GIT-SHOW-INDEX(1)		  Git Manual		     GIT-SHOW-INDEX(1)

       git-show-index - Show packed archive index

       git show-index [--object-format=<hash-algorithm>]

       Read the .idx file for a Git packfile (created with git-pack-objects(1)
       or git-index-pack(1)) from the standard input, and dump its contents.
       The output consists of one object per line, with each line containing
       two or three space-separated columns:

       o   the first column is the offset in bytes of the object within the
	   corresponding packfile

       o   the second column is the object id of the object

       o   if the index version is 2 or higher, the third column contains the
	   CRC32 of the object data

       The objects are output in the order in which they are found in the
       index file, which should be (in a correctly constructed file) sorted by
       object id.

       Note that you can get more information on a packfile by calling git-
       verify-pack(1). However, as this command considers only the index file
       itself, it's both faster and more flexible.

	   Specify the given object format (hash algorithm) for the index
	   file. The valid values are sha1 and (if enabled) sha256. The
	   default is the algorithm for the current repository (set by
	   extensions.objectFormat), or sha1 if no value is set or outside a

	   THIS OPTION IS EXPERIMENTAL! SHA-256 support is experimental and
	   still in an early stage. A SHA-256 repository will in general not
	   be able to share work with "regular" SHA-1 repositories. It should
	   be assumed that, e.g., Git internal file formats in relation to
	   SHA-256 repositories may change in backwards-incompatible ways.
	   Only use --object-format=sha256 for testing purposes.

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.38.4			  05/16/2024		     GIT-SHOW-INDEX(1)