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GNOME(1)							      GNOME(1)

gnome-wm - Launches the user selected window manager for the GNOME session

       gnome-wm [--default-wm windowmanager] [--sm-client-id id]

       The  gnome-wm  script invokes the user selected window manager.	If the
       user has not chosen a window manager it will try to launch a GNOME com-
       pliant window manager.

       The user can overwrite the selection of a window manager by setting the
       WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable.  If a --default-wm option is given
       the  script uses that window manager in case WINDOW_MANAGER is not set.
       If gnome-wm is given as the argument to --default-wm  then  it  is  the
       same as if no default was given.

       The  script  takes the --sm-client-id argument and translates the id to
       an appropriate option depending on which window manager was selected.

       The gnome-wm program uses the value of the  WINDOW_MANAGER  environment
       variable to let the user override the configured window manager.

       The  program  stores  the  current selection of a window manager in the
       gconf key /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/default


       If you find bugs in the gnome-wm program,  please  report  these	 using
       bug-buddy  or  the  gnome-bug  script included with the GNOME libraries

				   GNOME 1.0			      GNOME(1)
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