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htmerge(1)							    htmerge(1)

       htmerge	-  create  document  index  and word database for the ht://Dig
       search engine

       htmerge [options]

       Htmerge is used to create a document index and word database  from  the
       files  that  were  created  by  htdig. These databases are then used by
       htsearch to perform the actual searched.

       -a     Use alternate  work  files.  Tells  htdig	 to  append  .work  to
	      database	files,	causing	 a  second  copy of the database to be
	      built. This allows the original files to	be  used  by  htsearch
	      during the indexing run.

       -c configfile
	      Use the specified configfile instead of the default.

       -d     Prevent the document index from being created.

       -s     Print  statistics	 about	the  document and word databases after
	      htmerge has finished.

       -v     Run in verbose mode. This will provide  some  hints  as  to  the
	      progress	of  the merge. This can be useful when running htmerge
	      interactively since some parts  (especially  the	word  database
	      creation) can take a very long time.

       -w     Prevent the word database from being created.

       TMPDIR In  addition  to the command line options, the environment vari-
	      able TMPDIR will be used to designate the directory where inter-
	      mediate files are stored during the sorting process.

	      The default configuration file.

       Please	refer	to   the   HTML	  pages	 (in  the  htdig-doc  package)
       /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc/html/index.html and the manual pages  htdig(1)
       and  htsearch(1)	 for  a	 detailed description of ht://Dig and its com-

       This manual page was written by Christian Schwarz, modified by Stijn de
       Bekker, based on the HTML documentation of ht://Dig.

				 21 July 1997			    htmerge(1)
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