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htnotify(1)							   htnotify(1)

       htnotify	 - sends email notifications about out-dated web pages discov-
       ered by htmerge

       htnotify [options]

       Htnotify scans the document database created by htmerge	and  sends  an
       email message for every page that is out of date. Please have a look at
       the ht://Dig notification manual for instructions on how to set up this

       -b database
	      Specifies	 an alternative database than what is specified in the
	      configuration file.

       -c configfile
	      Use the specified configfile instead of the default.  -v Verbose
	      mode.  This  increases  the verbosity of the program.  Used once
	      will display a log of what email messages were sent.  Used  more
	      than  once will display information about each document that has
	      email notification set.

	      The default configuration file.

       Please  refer  to  the  HTML   pages   (in   the	  htdig-doc   package)
       /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc/html/index.html	 and the manual pages htdig(1)
       and htmerge(1) for a detailed description of ht://Dig and its commands.

       This manual page was written by Christian Schwarz, modified by Stijn de
       Bekker, based on the HTML documentation of ht://Dig.

				 21 July 1997			   htnotify(1)
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