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htdig(1)		    General Commands Manual		      htdig(1)

       htstat  -   returns statistics on the document and word databases, much
       like the -s option to htdig or htmerge.

       htstat [-v][-a][-c configfile][-u]

       Htdig retrieves HTML documents using  the  HTTP	protocol  and  gathers
       information  from  these	 documents  which  can later be used to search
       these documents. This program can be referred to as the search robot.

       -a     Use alternate work files. Tells htstat to append .work to	 data-
	      base  files,  causing a second copy of the database to be built.
	      This allows the original files to be used by htsearch during the

       -c configfile
	      Use the specified configfile instead of the default.

       -u     Give a list of URLs in the document database.

       -v     Verbose  mode.  This  increases  the  verbosity  of the program.
	      Using more than 2 is probably only  useful  for  debugging  pur-
	      poses. The default verbose mode (using only one -v) gives a nice
	      progress report while digging.

	      The default configuration file.

       Please  refer  to  the  HTML   pages   (in   the	  htdig-doc   package)
       /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc/html/index.html and the manual pages htdigcon-
       fig(8) , htdig(1) and htmerge(1) for a detailed description of ht://Dig
       and its commands.

       This manual page was written by Robert Ribnitz, based on the HTML docu-
       mentation of ht://Dig.

				 January 2004			      htdig(1)