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LOGRESOLVE(1)			  logresolve			 LOGRESOLVE(1)

       logresolve - Resolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files

       logresolve [ -s filename ] [ -c ] < access_log > access_log.new

       logresolve  is  a  post-processing  program  to resolve IP-addresses in
       Apache's access logfiles. To minimize impact on your nameserver, logre-
       solve  has its very own internal hash-table cache. This means that each
       IP number will only be looked up the first time it is found in the  log

       Takes  an  Apache  log file on standard input. The IP addresses must be
       the first thing on each line and must be separated from	the  remainder
       of the line by a space.

       -s filename
	      Specifies a filename to record statistics.

       -c     This  causes  logresolve to apply some DNS checks: after finding
	      the hostname from the IP address, it looks up the	 IP  addresses
	      for the hostname and checks that one of these matches the origi-
	      nal address.

Apache HTTP Server		  2018-07-06			 LOGRESOLVE(1)