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NTPSTAT(1)		    General Commands Manual		    NTPSTAT(1)

       ntpstat - Print NTP synchronisation status


       ntpstat	is a script which prints a brief summary of the system clock's
       synchronisation status when the ntpd or chronyd daemon is running.   It
       prints  the  time  source  (NTP server or reference clock) to which the
       system clock is currently synchronised, its stratum, how often  is  the
       server polled, and the maximum error of the clock.

       If  the	time source becomes unreachable and there are no other sources
       that could be selected, the clock will still be considered to  be  syn-
       chronised, but the maximum error will be slowly increasing.

       ntpstat exits with a status of 0 if the clock is synchronised, 1 if the
       clock is not synchronised, or 2 if the status could not be  determined,
       e.g.  when the daemon is not running.

       ntpd(8), ntpq(8), chronyd(8), chronyc(1)

ntpstat								    NTPSTAT(1)