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TERMIO(7)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		     TERMIO(7)

       termio - System V terminal driver interface

       termio is the name of the old System V terminal driver interface.  This
       interface defined a termio structure used to store  terminal  settings,
       and a range of ioctl(2) operations to get and set terminal attributes.

       The termio interface is now obsolete: POSIX.1-1990 standardized a modi-
       fied version of this interface, under the name  termios.	  The  POSIX.1
       data  structure differs slightly from the System V version, and POSIX.1
       defined a suite of functions to replace the various ioctl(2) operations
       that  existed in System V.  (This was done because ioctl(2) was unstan-
       dardized, and its variadic third argument does not allow argument  type

       If  you're  looking  for	 a page called "termio", then you can probably
       find most of the information that you  seek  in	either	termios(3)  or

       reset(1), setterm(1), stty(1), termios(3), tty(4), tty_ioctl(4)

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