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VIPW(8)			  BSD System Manager's Manual		       VIPW(8)

     vipw, vigr - edit the password or group files

     vipw [-V] [--version]
     vigr [-V] [--version]

     Vipw edits the password file after setting the appropriate locks, and
     does any necessary processing after the password file is unlocked.	 If
     the password file is already locked for editing by another user, vipw
     will ask you to try again later. The default editor for vipw is vi(1).
     Vigr edits the group file in the same manner as vipw.

     If the following environment variable exists it will be utilized by vipw:

     EDITOR  The editor specified by the string EDITOR will be invoked instead
	     of the default editor vi(1).

     passwd(1), vi(1), passwd(5)

     The vipw command appeared in 4.0BSD.
     The vigr command appeared in Util-Linux 2.6.

Util-Linux 2.6			  7 July 1996			Util-Linux 2.6
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