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YP.CONF(5)			   ypbind-mt			    YP.CONF(5)

       yp.conf - NIS binding configuration file

       The file /etc/yp.conf is read from ypbind(8) at startup or when
       receiving signal SIGHUP. The entries are used for the initial binding.
       Valid entries are

       domain nisdomain server hostname
	  Use server hostname for the domain nisdomain. You could have more
	  then one entry of this type for a single domain.

       domain nisdomain broadcast
	  Use broadcast on the local net for domain nisdomain.

       domain nisdomain slp
	  Query the local running SLP server for hosts running ypserv and
	  distributing nisdomain. This option is only available, if ypbind was
	  compiled with SLP support.

       ypserver hostname
	  Use server hostname for the local domain.

	  If no other server is given or all of them are not reachable, try a
	  broadcast call for the default domain to find a server.

       If for a specific domain the broadcast option and fixed server are
       given, ypbind-mt tries at first the given servers before falling back
       to broadcasting for a running server.


       ypbind-mt was written by Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@thkukuk.de>.

ypbind-mt			  10/04/2006			    YP.CONF(5)