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ZDUMP(8)							      ZDUMP(8)

       zdump - time zone dumper

       zdump [ --version ] [ -v ] [ -c [loyear,]hiyear ] [ zonename ... ]

       Zdump  prints  the  current  time in each zonename named on the command

       These options are available:

	      Output version information and exit.

       -v     For each zonename on the command line, print  the	 time  at  the
	      lowest  possible	time  value, the time one day after the lowest
	      possible time value,  the	 times	both  one  second  before  and
	      exactly at each detected time discontinuity, the time at one day
	      less than the highest possible time value, and the time  at  the
	      highest possible time value.  Each line ends with isdst=1 if the
	      given time is Daylight Saving Time or isdst=0 otherwise.

       -c [loyear,]hiyear
	      Cut off the verbose output near the start of the given  year(s).
	      The output still includes the lowest possible time value and one
	      day after it, and the highest possible time  value  preceded  by
	      the time value one day before it.

       tzfile(5), zic(8)

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