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cupsd.conf(5)			  Apple Inc.			 cupsd.conf(5)

       cupsd.conf - server configuration file for cups

       The  cupsd.conf	file  configures  the CUPS scheduler, cupsd(8).	 It is
       normally located in the /etc/cups directory.

       Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a  blank	 line,
       or  a comment. Comment lines start with the # character. The configura-
       tion directives are intentionally similar to those used by the  popular
       Apache web server software and are described below.

       The  following  directives  are understood by cupsd(8). Consult the on-
       line help for detailed descriptions:

       AccessLog filename

       AccessLog syslog
	    Defines the access log filename.

       AccessLogLevel config

       AccessLogLevel actions

       AccessLogLevel all
	    Specifies the logging level for the AccessLog file.

       Allow all

       Allow none

       Allow host.domain.com

       Allow *.domain.com

       Allow ip-address

       Allow ip-address/netmask

       Allow ip-address/mm

       Allow @IF(name)

       Allow @LOCAL
	    Allows access from the named hosts or addresses.

       AuthClass User

       AuthClass Group

       AuthClass System
	    Specifies the authentication class (User, Group,  System)  -  this
	    directive is deprecated.

       AuthGroupName group-name
	    Specifies the authentication group - this directive is deprecated.

       AuthType None

       AuthType Basic

       AuthType BasicDigest

       AuthType Digest

       AuthType Negotiate
	    Specifies  the  authentication  type  (None,  Basic,  BasicDigest,
	    Digest, Negotiate)

       AutoPurgeJobs Yes

       AutoPurgeJobs No
	    Specifies whether to purge job history data automatically when  it
	    is no longer required for quotas.

       BrowseAddress ip-address

       BrowseAddress @IF(name)

       BrowseAddress @LOCAL
	    Specifies  a  broadcast  address  for outgoing printer information

       BrowseAllow all

       BrowseAllow none

       BrowseAllow host.domain.com

       BrowseAllow *.domain.com

       BrowseAllow ip-address

       BrowseAllow ip-address/netmask

       BrowseAllow ip-address/mm

       BrowseAllow @IF(name)

       BrowseAllow @LOCAL
	    Allows incoming printer information packets from the named host or

       BrowseDeny all

       BrowseDeny none

       BrowseDeny host.domain.com

       BrowseDeny *.domain.com

       BrowseDeny ip-address

       BrowseDeny ip-address/netmask

       BrowseDeny ip-address/mm

       BrowseDeny @IF(name)

       BrowseDeny @LOCAL
	    Denies incoming printer information packets from the named host or

       BrowseInterval seconds
	    Specifies the maximum interval between printer information	broad-

	    Specifies the LDAP domain name to use when registering printers.

	    Specifies the SSL certificate authority file to use.

	    Specifies the LDAP domain name to use when discovering printers.

	    Specifies the password to use when accessing the LDAP server.

	    Specifies the LDAP server to use.

       BrowseOrder allow,deny

       BrowseOrder deny,allow
	    Specifies	the   order  of	 printer  information  access  control
	    (allow,deny or deny,allow)

       BrowsePoll host-or-ip-address
	    Specifies a server to poll for printer information.

       BrowsePort port
	    Specifies the port to listen to for printer information packets.

       BrowseProtocols [All] [CUPS] [DNSSD] [LDAP] [SLP]
	    Specifies the protocols to use for printer browsing.

       BrowseLocalProtocols [All] [CUPS] [DNSSD] [LDAP] [SLP]
	    Specifies the protocols to use for local printer browsing.

       BrowseRemoteProtocols [All] [CUPS] [DNSSD] [LDAP] [SLP]
	    Specifies the protocols to use for remote printer browsing.

       BrowseRelay from-address to-address
	    Specifies that printer information packets should be relayed  from
	    one host or network to another.

       BrowseShortNames Yes

       BrowseShortNames No
	    Specifies whether remote printers will use short names ("printer")
	    or not ("printer@server"). This option is ignored if more than one
	    remote printer exists with the same name.

       BrowseTimeout seconds
	    Specifies the maximum interval between printer information updates
	    before remote printers will be removed from the list of  available

       BrowseWebIF Yes

       BrowseWebIF No
	    Specifies whether the CUPS web interface is advertised via DNS-SD.

       Browsing Yes

       Browsing No
	    Specifies  whether	or  not	 remote	 printer  browsing  should  be

       Classification banner
	    Specifies the security classification of the server.

       ClassifyOverride Yes

       ClassifyOverride No
	    Specifies whether to allow users to override the classification of
	    individual print jobs.

       ConfigFilePerm mode
	    Specifies  the  permissions	 for  all configuration files that the
	    scheduler writes.

       ConfigurationChangeRestriction all

       ConfigurationChangeRestriction root-only

       ConfigurationChangeRestriction none
	    Specifies the degree of restriction	 for  changes  to  cupsd.conf.
	    Keywords  dealing  with  filenames, paths, and users are security-
	    sensitive. Changes to them	via  HTTP  are	forbidden  by  default
	    ("all"). The value "none" removes any restriction altogether (note
	    that this is unsafe). The  value  "root-only"  allows  only	 users
	    authorised	as user "root" to adjust security-sensitive configura-
	    tion settings, but note that users adjusting settings using polkit
	    (via cups-pk-helper) are authenticated as user "root".

       DataDir path
	    Specified the directory where data files can be found.

       DefaultAuthType Basic

       DefaultAuthType BasicDigest

       DefaultAuthType Digest

       DefaultAuthType Negotiate
	    Specifies the default type of authentication to use.

       DefaultCharset charset
	    Specifies the default character set to use for text.

       DefaultEncryption Never

       DefaultEncryption IfRequested

       DefaultEncryption Required
	    Specifies	the  type  of  encryption  to  use  for	 authenticated

       DefaultLanguage locale
	    Specifies the default language to use for text and web content.

       DefaultPaperSize Auto

       DefaultPaperSize None

       DefaultPaperSize sizename
	    Specifies the default paper size for new print queues. "Auto" uses
	    a  locale-	specific  default,  while "None" specifies there is no
	    default paper size.

       DefaultPolicy policy-name
	    Specifies the default access policy to use.

       DefaultShared Yes

       DefaultShared No
	    Specifies whether local printers are shared by default.

       Deny all

       Deny none

       Deny host.domain.com

       Deny *.domain.com

       Deny ip-address

       Deny ip-address/netmask

       Deny ip-address/mm

       Deny @IF(name)

       Deny @LOCAL
	    Denies access to the named host or address.

       DirtyCleanInterval seconds
	    Specifies the delay for updating of configuration and state files.
	    A value of 0 causes the update to happen as soon as possible, typ-
	    ically within a few milliseconds.

       DocumentRoot directory
	    Specifies the root directory for the  internal  web	 server	 docu-

       Encryption IfRequested

       Encryption Never

       Encryption Required
	    Specifies  the level of encryption that is required for a particu-
	    lar location.

       ErrorLog filename

       ErrorLog syslog
	    Specifies the error log filename.

       FatalErrors none

       FatalErrors all -kind [... -kind]

       FatalErrors kind [... kind]
	    Specifies which errors are fatal, causing the scheduler  to	 exit.
	    "Kind" is "browse", "config", "listen", "log", or "permissions".

       FileDevice Yes

       FileDevice No
	    Specifies  whether	the  file  pseudo-device  can  be used for new
	    printer queues.

       FilterLimit limit
	    Specifies the maximum cost of filters that are run concurrently.

       FilterNice nice-value
	    Specifies the scheduling priority ("nice" value) of	 filters  that
	    are run to print a job.

       FontPath directory[:directory:...]
	    Specifies the search path for fonts.

       Group group-name-or-number
	    Specifies  the  group  name or ID that will be used when executing
	    external programs.

       HideImplicitMembers Yes

       HideImplicitMembers No
	    Specifies whether to hide members of implicit classes.

       HostNameLookups On

       HostNameLookups Off

       HostNameLookups Double
	    Specifies  whether	or  not	 to  do	 reverse  lookups  on	client

       ImplicitAnyClasses Yes

       ImplicitAnyClasses No
	    Specifies  whether or not to create implicit classes for local and
	    remote    printers,	   e.g.	   "AnyPrinter"	   from	    "Printer",
	    "Printer@server1", and "Printer@server2".

       ImplicitClasses Yes

       ImplicitClasses No
	    Specifies whether or not to create implicit classes from identical
	    remote printers.

       Include filename
	    Includes the named file.

       JobKillDelay seconds
	    Specifies the number of seconds to wait before killing the filters
	    and backend associated with a canceled or held job.

       JobRetryInterval seconds
	    Specifies the interval between retries of jobs in seconds.

       JobRetryLimit count
	    Specifies the number of retries that are done for jobs.

       KeepAlive Yes

       KeepAlive No
	    Specifies whether to support HTTP keep-alive connections.

       KeepAliveTimeout seconds
	    Specifies the amount of time that connections are kept alive.

       <Limit operations> ... </Limit>
	    Specifies  the IPP operations that are being limited inside a pol-

       <Limit methods> ... </Limit>

       <LimitExcept methods> ... </LimitExcept>
	    Specifies the HTTP methods that are being limited inside  a	 loca-

	    Specifies the maximum size of any print job request.

       Listen ip-address:port

       Listen *:port

       Listen /path/to/domain/socket
	    Listens to the specified address and port or domain socket path.

       <Location /path> ... </Location>
	    Specifies access control for the named location.

       LogDebugHistory #-messages
	    Specifies the number of debugging messages that are logged when an
	    error occurs in a print job.

       LogFilePerm mode
	    Specifies the permissions for all log  files  that	the  scheduler

       LogLevel alert

       LogLevel crit

       LogLevel debug2

       LogLevel debug

       LogLevel emerg

       LogLevel error

       LogLevel info

       LogLevel none

       LogLevel notice

       LogLevel warn
	    Specifies the logging level for the ErrorLog file.

       LogTimeFormat standard

       LogTimeFormat usecs
	    Specifies the format of the date and time in the log files.

       MaxClients number
	    Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous clients to support.

       MaxClientsPerHost number
	    Specifies  the  maximum  number of simultaneous clients to support
	    from a single address.

       MaxCopies number
	    Specifies the maximum number of copies that a user	can  print  of
	    each job.

       MaxJobs number
	    Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous jobs to support.

       MaxJobsPerPrinter number
	    Specifies  the  maximum number of simultaneous jobs per printer to

       MaxJobsPerUser number
	    Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous jobs per user to sup-

       MaxLogSize number-bytes
	    Specifies  the  maximum  size  of  the  log	 files before they are
	    rotated (0 to disable rotation)

       MaxRequestSize number-bytes
	    Specifies the maximum request/file size in bytes (0 for no limit)

       MultipleOperationTimeout seconds
	    Specifies the maximum amount of time to allow between files	 in  a
	    multiple file print job.

       Order allow,deny

       Order deny,allow
	    Specifies	the  order  of	HTTP  access  control  (allow,deny  or

       PageLog filename

       PageLog syslog
	    Specifies the page log filename.

       PageLogFormat format string
	    Specifies the format of page log lines.

       PassEnv variable [... variable]
	    Passes the specified environment variable(s) to child processes.

       <Policy name> ... </Policy>
	    Specifies access control for the named policy.

       Port number
	    Specifies a port number to listen to for HTTP requests.

       PreserveJobFiles Yes

       PreserveJobFiles No
	    Specifies whether or not to preserve  job  files  after  they  are

       PreserveJobHistory Yes

       PreserveJobHistory No
	    Specifies  whether	or  not to preserve the job history after they
	    are printed.


       Printcap filename
	    Specifies the filename for a printcap file that is	updated	 auto-
	    matically  with  a	list  of available printers (needed for legacy
	    applications);  specifying	Printcap  with	no  filename  disables
	    printcap generation.

       PrintcapFormat bsd

       PrintcapFormat plist

       PrintcapFormat solaris
	    Specifies the format of the printcap file.


       PrintcapGUI gui-program-filename
	    Specifies  whether	to  generate  option panel definition files on
	    some operating systems. When provided with	no  program  filename,
	    disables option panel definition files.

       ReloadTimeout seconds
	    Specifies  the  amount  of	time to wait for job completion before
	    restarting the scheduler.

       RemoteRoot user-name
	    Specifies the username that	 is  associated	 with  unauthenticated
	    root accesses.

       RequestRoot directory
	    Specifies the directory to store print jobs and other HTTP request

       Require group group-name-list

       Require user user-name-list

       Require valid-user
	    Specifies that user or group authentication is required.

       RIPCache bytes
	    Specifies the maximum amount of  memory  to	 use  when  converting
	    images and PostScript files to bitmaps for a printer.

       Satisfy all

       Satisfy any
	    Specifies  whether	all  or	 any limits set for a Location must be
	    satisfied to allow access.

       ServerAdmin user@domain.com
	    Specifies the email address of the server administrator.

       ServerAlias hostname
	    Specifies an alternate name that the server is known by. The  spe-
	    cial name "*" allows any name to be used.

       ServerBin directory
	    Specifies the directory where backends, CGIs, daemons, and filters
	    may be found.

       ServerCertificate filename
	    Specifies the encryption certificate to use.

       ServerKey filename
	    Specifies the encryption key to use.

       ServerName hostname-or-ip-address
	    Specifies the fully-qualified hostname of the server.

       ServerRoot directory
	    Specifies the directory where the server configuration  files  can
	    be found.

       ServerTokens Full

       ServerTokens Major

       ServerTokens Minimal

       ServerTokens Minor

       ServerTokens None

       ServerTokens OS

       ServerTokens ProductOnly
	    Specifies  what  information  is  included in the Server header of
	    HTTP responses.

       SetEnv variable value
	    Set the specified environment variable to be passed to child  pro-

	    Listens  on	 the  specified address and port for encrypted connec-

       SSLOptions None

       SSLOptions NoEmptyFragments
	    Sets SSL/TLS protocol options for encrypted connections.

	    Listens on the specified port for encrypted connections.

       SyncOnClose Yes

       SyncOnClose No
	    Specifies whether the scheduler calls fsync(2) after writing  con-
	    figuration state files. The default is Yes.

       SystemGroup group-name [group-name ...]
	    Specifies the group(s) to use for System class authentication.

       TempDir directory
	    Specifies the directory where temporary files are stored.

       Timeout seconds
	    Specifies the HTTP request timeout in seconds.

       User user-name
	    Specifies  the  user name or ID that is used when running external

       classes.conf(5),	  cupsd(8),   mime.convs(5),   mime.types(5),	print-
       ers.conf(5), subscriptions.conf(5),

       Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.

14 July 2009			     CUPS			 cupsd.conf(5)